Is There a Place For Cheap Pet Insurance?

All animal lovers know how expensive veterinarian bills can be, so cheap pet insurance can be a good purchase.

When shopping around for the best quote, be sure that you are comparing the same level and type of cover. Sometimes cheap insurance turns out to be very expensive as when you need it most, it fails to deliver. If you are looking to reduce cost, you will need to have some savings available so that you can increase the excess. That way if you have to make a claim, you will be prepared.

You cannot prevent accidents but there are some things you can do to avoid unexpected emergencies. Take your pet to see the vet on a regular basis for a general check up. This way, the medics should pick up any major illness before it has a chance to take hold. Make sure your home is safe. Do not leave medication, bleach or other chemicals, plastic bags and other items that could cause harm lying around.

With a small child, it is usually the parents who pick up on the first clues of an acute illness. Call it gut instinct but whatever it is, those same feelings work with animals as well. So don’t dismiss any worries you may have but get them checked out.

If your dog or cat gets involved in a fight, make sure that you clean up any cuts or grazes properly to help prevent infection. It goes without saying that all vaccinations should be kept up to date.

Why should you even consider insuring your pet? It is not compulsory like house or motor plans. In this age of economic recession, most of us are trying to cut our expenses not increase them. But that is the reason why you should give it some thought. Vet bills can be very expensive often running into thousands of dollars. Not being able to pay for treatment could lead to the death of your animal. Given most pets are considered part of the family that is probably not an option.

But covering the cost of illness isn’t the only function of this type of policy. If your dog or cat goes missing you can claim some cash to help fund the cost of finding them. Printing leaflets and putting up a reward may be covered.

If your loved one dies, you may also be insured for grief counseling. If you have children who have become attached to the animal, this is often necessary to help them deal with their sadness.

How are the premiums on this type of plan calculated? It is quite similar to taking out personal cover. The company will look at the age of the animal, the breed and sex, medical history and type of animal. Different companies will have varying rates. If they are looking to increase their market share, they will reduce their premiums accordingly.

If the cost of full cover is prohibitive, consider putting a basic plan in place so if you have to claim, you will get something towards the cost of treatment. Cheap pet insurance is probably better than having none at all.

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